What is MentorFest? We’re inviting 250+ tech mentors and attendees to connect and learn from each other across 3 San Francisco bars (below), where each bar has a different industry focus. This is a casual networking event and there are no speakers and no programming.

  • DEADLINE NOW: Create your profile on our mentorship app Mixrs.co, and RSVP for MentorFest.
  • DEADLINE MAY 22: Add at least 10 experiences of goals in the “Technology” or “Startups” categories so you can me matched to Mentors.
  • DEADLINE MAY 22: Browse the mentors (and other attendees) and send 10 of them an intro message. You should find relevant contacts that you can meet at the event.
  • DEADLINE MAY 31: Make sure to check your emails for messages from other members. We recommend setting up at least 5 mentor meetings at the events.


  • MentorFest is a free event and is cash bar only.
  • There is no program and no speakers, this is a casual networking event.
  • You will receive logistics updates via text message leading up to MentorFest.
  • DevNetwork staff will be available at Eastside West in case you have issues with the Mixrs app.